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Help Poor Indian Farmers - Donate Pesticide Sprayer

Help Farmers by Donating Pesticide Sprayer Machine in India


70% of India's population resides in the villages. In ancient times, when the population was less, at that time the land used to come in a large part, that is, a farmer used to have a lot of acres of land, but with the passage of time, the land got reduced from generation to generation, due to which the farmers today, The land has been reduced considerably and the population has increased and caste does not come at the time of partition, but whatever land is available with farmers today, they have been cultivating small and small farms.

We also know that India's agriculture is very big in the hands of the monsoon, if the monsoon is good, there will be a timely talk, the weather is right on time, and there is no more read thunderstorm. It is not known what harm it can cause by destroying its crop. You must have seen hail storms are found in many places in the months of February-March. Wheat, gram, mustard, cultivation is greatly damaged and farmers have to bear heavy losses time to time.
India Help Needy is a platform where we try to help farmers for their needy goods for their agricultural relations which they need. We extend their needs to those who want to help them. Our youth, who are from village, cities, are doing good jobs, doing good business and some even know that our farmers Is not as good as it should be.

So it is our endeavor to reach the needs of those farmers to such people, so that they can help those farmers even in their place. We know that you cannot come from cities to villages to serve the farmer because your business and your job, but for you, we have created this platform India Help Needy, in which you can create champions according to the district according to the village We make a system to help them by doing this.You can see the campaign according to the location according to your village, in campaign where we know that, which farmers need what, we create a campaign online, in which according to the farmers You can give them the help they need.

For example, today we are doing a campaign live in front of you. This campaign is of a farmer who is a farmer of Agra district, Uttar Pradesh India, and he talked to our people and we only came to know that these farmers From time to time, the agricultural machinery, such as shovels, machines, scare, spade, carts are there to give food. It reads small instruments in use, but they do not have enough to buy. During the interaction with the farmers, we came to know that the farmers need to dispense medicine at the moment, if they provide a machine to 10 farmers, then they can use it in turn, they can use it in turn to do a machine. Today, if the farmer brings the machine for rent, then he has to pay ₹ 50 per day on rent, if used even for 4 days, then it becomes ₹ 200, in this way, if 10 farmers rent the machine from the market. So if they used 1 year in the entire season.

So help the farmers to the best of your ability, your help will reach directly to them. We will procure the product and deliver. You will get delivery update that will be given to them. This is an uniqueness of our platform. By contributing to this campaign, you will get instant 50% tax exemption certificate on your donation amount u/s 80G.TAJ Foundation is registered NGO under section 12A of income tax act, 1961 and also with the director of the income tax (exemptions) under section 80G, The tax benefits are mainly offered so that more and more people get attracted to help the farmers.


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