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Help Rural Girls- Donate Spectacles N Eye Check-up

Free Eye Check Up and Donating Spectacles to Rural Poor Girls/ Women


About Programme

“I Care Eye” is a campaign oriented program towards a complete eye health check of poor women and adolescent girls. TAJ Foundation (The Awareness Junction) is running a program where free eye-checkup is offered to poor women, young and adolescent girls & providing free eye glasses to the beneficiaries of weaken eyes.

“I Care Eye” program is  eye health check and awareness program which is meant to help the women, school going, young and adolescent girls. The programme is facilitated by eye specialists who sensitize the participants on the different types of eye diseases, eye infections and demonstrate them on how to take care of their eyes.

There is saying “Prevention is Better Than Cure”, the preventive measures of the program include a complete eye testing, identify the girls/women having weak eyes. These girls are then offered free spectacles as a part of their treatment. This program basically addresses the eye problems faced by women who belong to the underprivileged, marginalized sections of society. This way, a lot of eye problems can be identified when at a nascent stage and taken care of. They get all the facilities and treatment options for proper eye health care. “I Care Eye” facilitates to referring serious eye disease cases to other eye charitable, district hospitals for better treatment.

The Programme Focuses:  

  • How to take care of your eyes
  • What are the possible eye infections and diseases
  • Preventive measures for a healthy eye
  • Eye testing and donating spectacles to the poor girls and women
  • Referral of the serious eye cases to the other charitable & district hospitals

Why This Programme is Important?

This social benefit program is meant to provide support to the women & girls who are living in the poor areas and cannot afford the expenses of the basic health eye check-ups. They are basically unaware of how important the health of their eye is. They are also suffering from many severe infections as well. They are unaware of the fact that they can get eye infections if they will not take care of their eyes. This programme is created to extend the awareness among the poor girls and women on how to take care of their eyes.

Who Will Be Benefited By This Programme?

The “I Care Eye” programme directly support to the women empowerment of underprivileged, marginalized sections of society in rural & semi urban part of India.  The school girls, young and adolescent girls and women will be made ware about the eye health, and important organ of body.

How Can you contribute in “I Care Eye”? 

Anybody can contribute for the welfare of the poor girls and women by volunteering, providing eye glasses, food, pamphlets, manpower, transport, logistic arrangements, and donating money online, giving bank cheques, cash, DD.

Bank Details:

Account Name: TAJ Foundation

Account No: 50200014751053

Bank Name:  HDFC Bank

Branch: Sunder Nagar Market, New Delhi

IFSC Code: HDFC0000484

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